Old Fashioned Warmth and Hospitality,

Hills Family Barbershop was born out of a personal need for change.  


After spending over a decade in a Mechanical Design role, I was looking for something that would further fill the creative and social void in my life.

I've been fortunate enough to learn this trade from some absolutely excellent men and women, and I'm grateful to them all.

I've set up my schedule so that I can spend the time that the customer needs....for an excellent cut,  and to unwind from the grind of the outside world.  

I've been inspired by an initiative in the UK, developed by a group of Barbers that offers open lines of communication from the chair, and an open door policy regarding discussions on career, mental health, family, and whatever is weighing on you.

Barbering isn't just about cutting hair,  it can be about the relationship. One of the highlights of visiting your barber back in the golden age of barbering (1930's-1950's)  was the communication.  It was a place to be heard.  Some times it's nice to sit quietly and enjoy the cut,  and other times its powerful to just be heard. It was a type of therapy for men.  In the hustle of todays world, we're missing peace in our lives.  The time to reflect and to slow down.  I really enjoy this aspect of the trade.


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